Dad’s Blessings short story

BibleThere was a place in Banglore where a rich man used to live with his lone son. His son was good at studies; hence father expected him to be a successful businessman, but on his own – not on father’s support.
Son was very fond of sports cars; perhaps he had dreamed of having a sports car on becoming a graduate someday. Years passed by, and son reached to the final year of his graduation, hence he decided to look around and find a sports car for him, hoping his father would gift it to him when he’d complete his graduation. He found an interesting contemporary sports car with all the features he was looking for.
Suddenly, the day came when he was going to have his graduation degree formally. He took the blessings of his father and went to the college hoping when he would return; his father would offer him a sports car!
He took his graduation degree, and returned to home and told his father that he finally became a graduate and asked his father for his gift. Father proudly grates his son and gave him a gift packed with a shining cover.
Son surprised and opened the pack; he disappointed to see a Bible inside the pack embracing his name in gold. He yelled on his father, “Is this what you gift to me?” He threw the pack and left the home with thorough frustration. He never came back. Many years later he became a successful rich businessman having all the blessings of the life, like a beautiful house, sports car, and other luxuries.
Once, he decided to return to his father, since he was never gone back to his home after his graduation day. Perhaps, before he could go to his home, he got a telegram stating his father has been passed away leaving all his wealth to his son, and so; he has to come back to claim his entire wealth.
Son returned the home and surprised to see that the home was as it is, as it was, when he left it. He curiously searched everywhere and found the bible his father gifted him. He opened it and found a hanging key on the last page of the Bible.
The key was of his favorite sports car he dreamed of on his graduation. Key was along with a note written, “God Bless you my son, Bible is more important that this key, hence I’m attaching key on the last page so you can worth Bible more than car key” Son felt guilty for leaving his father and not honoring his blessings!

Birbal’s Khichdi

Birbal's KhichdiAkbar and Birbal are two most happening fantasy characters in Indian mythological arena. One of their most popular stories is Birbal’s Khichdi, which happens to be a standard for many. Jalal-ud-Din Muhammad Akbar a.k.a. Akbar was the Mughal emperor in sixteen centuries. Out of his many advisers, Birbal was the Grand Vizier in Akbar’s Mughal court.
Birbal happened to be the smart and intelligent among all. One day; Akbar and Birbal were moving in Mughal’s royal garden where there was a lake full of cold water, perhaps, water was so cold that Akbar could not dig his hand into the water for more than few minutes. Akbar, curiously asked Birbal, “how long a human being can keep his hand in the coldest water for money?” Birbal, after feeling the water’s coldness on his hand, replied, “No one sir! No one is willing to spend a time in this kind of cold water for any amount of money.” Akbar immediately announced that whoever spends a whole night in his lake would be rewarded by one thousand gold coins, and he appointed Birbal to find a willing man to take this challenge.
Searching around several days, Birbal finally found a poor guy who was not even able to fulfill his basic needs coz of his patchiness. In return of some gold coins, he agreed to spend a whole night in the cold water without caring of his life. Akbar surprised to see how Birbal manages to find a person to spend a whole night in a damn cold water.
Anyway, challenge proceeded, and the poor guy was asked to spend one night in the water. Next morning; everyone was surprised to see poor guy successfully spent the whole night in the water, and so, claimed his prize coins. Akbar bizarrely asked the poor guy, “How did you mange to spend a whole nigh in cold water?” Poor man replied, “I kept watching a hot light source placed at a distance place of the lake, and so; I forgot the coldness of the water.” Akbar denied the prize money on the ground of cheating done by the poor guy. Birbal listened everything carefully but kept himself quiet.
Next day, Akbar and Birbal both went on a hunt in the jungle where Birbal was appointed to prepare Akbar’s favourite Khichdi. Akbar kept waiting for Khichdi whole night but Birbal did not serve him, and so; he asked the reason for this delay. Birbal showed Akbar his place of preparation of Khichdi where a pot was placed at too distance from the flame source, and no heat had actually been reaching the pot. Akbar asked Birbal, “How did you imagine that Khichdi can be cooked at too distanced flam source?” Birbal replied, “In a same way as poor guy got the heat from a distanced light source whole night!” Akbar realized his fault and rewarded poor guy his deserving reward money.

Money and Piece

Long time ago, two friends lived together in a village named: Beeru. Both friends were known to each other since long; hence they were very close to each other. Incidentally, both of them were very poor and unemployed, and so, they used to search for a suitable job for each of them.
One day, one of them named: Raju found a good job that pays him a handsome salary along with other perks. While other friend named: Rajesh remained where it was. Raju joined his job and gradually improved his lifestyle.
Overwhelming money slowly took him away from Rajesh, who was once his closest friend. Rajesh, still, could find a descent work, hence did whatever he gets to live his life. He even stopped meeting Raju coz of his growing status and money power, which departed two close friends.
As Raju was growing day by day, he is also getting the victim of over possessiveness about his money; perhaps, he started being too much concerned for his wealth and often afraid of losing it. His wealth became so important for him that he could not even sleep in the night coz of his distress about his wealth.
On the other hand, Rajesh was living his lifestyle comfortably, though he was lacking the money and wealth. One day, Raju decided to give away a descent part of his wealth to Rajesh, so he went to Rajesh and gave him a bag full of money, and told him, “You’re my best friend, and I can’t see you in a dearth, so please accept a gift from my side and change your lifestyle.” Rajesh surprised but accepted the money and used it for his well growing.
Rajesh noticed a considerable change in his life after getting money, coz he started feeling too many phobias for his money, perhaps, he stopped sleeping the whole night in fear of losing his money as Raju used to have.
He realized the fact that he is becoming possessive to his money, and so, he decided to return money back to his friend Raju. He went to Raju and said, “My friend thanks for your concerns about my dearth, but I can’t keep your money coz it is taking away my jollity and easygoing lifestyle.” He also said, “You did not take care of me when you were growing; now why you start thinking about me? Is this the reason? You also want me to have a sleepless night? No, my friend we’re better as a stranger.” And he left. Raju then realized what he had lost in return of his wealth.

A Rabbit And Turtle Story

A rabbit and Turtle storySome time ago, there were two friends in a jungle: a Rabbit and a Turtle. Both of them belonged to different breads, yet they managed to share similar views and so came up as the closest friends. Rabbit was a fast creature, perhaps; he kept jumping here and there according to his habits while Turtle used to rest on a place most of the time.
Though both of them were good friends, but occasionally, they fought over an issue. Rabbit always tried to prove him correct, while turtle was an intelligent animal that loves to maintain the reality, not fictions. Time passed by and their friendship grown as the perfect one, even other animals often felt jealous looking at their close relations, despite of their breads.
One day, both turtle and rabbit were arguing over a topic when a fox passed near by. Fox looked at both of them and decided to intervene between them to resolve their issue. But rabbit was not ready to surrender his point, and said he is correct, while Turtle was also not wrong on his facts. So, Fox decided to settle their fight via a race where both of them had to run through the nearby river, and whoever reach there first, will be the best; hence his opinions would be presumed correct. Firstly, Turtle was disagreed for an uneven playing field, coz he was slow by nature while rabbits are known for their speed and activeness. When rabbit provoked him, he agreed and fox decided to act as an umpire for their coming race.
Race began, and both started from their marked point to reach the river. River was almost five miles away, and rabbit quickly covered the half way mark. Turtle was moving very slowly, but consistently. Rabbit thought, he was far ahead of turtle, so he should take a rest for a while. He assumed, he could always trace turtle, even if he crossed him when he’s sleeping. But unfortunately, he slept longer than expected, and turtle, moving slowly, slowly, bypassed him, perhaps; he almost reached to the river when rabbit woke up and saw turtle reaching the river.
He jumped around faster and faster but could only reach the river second to Turtle. Fox looked at both of them surprisingly and told the rabbit that he lost the race. Even rabbit felt guilty for his overconfidence, and eventually congratulated turtle for his consistence race and promised him he will never ever underestimate anyone. 

A Pundit And His Clothes

A Pundit And His Clothes storyLong time ago, there was a Village called Hastinapur. There were lots of rich peoples used to live there. The life going was very smooth for peoples leaving in Hastinapur except few who were not that lucky, like a Pundit, who was a poor guy.
Indeed, Pundit had rich knowledge of all Vedas and astrology, but he was very unlucky to optimize his skills into a good lifestyle. Perhaps, his outlook was very petty wearing ripped clothes. He even passed by many days without having a bit of food. Yet, being a genuine pundit, he used to ask for alms only from five homes per day, and whatever he got from five homes was his food of the day.
One day, he was out for his usual five homes where he could ask some alms. He knocked the door of first home and asked, “Can you please offer me some alms?” A woman opened the door, and looking at Pundit’s torn clothes and dirty view, she immediately yelled, “ No! Go away we don’t have any food for you.” Pundit went to next home and asked the same question. He again threw out by the second housemate for his bad personality. Perhaps, he tried all five houses but could not get even a bit for him.
That night he slept with empty stomach. Next day, his old friend came to him for a Hawan at his home, and asked pundit to come to his home do all the spiritual work. Pundit went there and did everything required; in return, his friend offered him new clothes and food, which were gladly accepted by the pundit.
Next day, weaning new clothes, Pundit again visited the first home who thrown him a day before, and again asked, “Can you please offer me some alms?” Looking at pundit’s new clothes, woman polity asked him to come inside the home and offered him a seat.
Then woman and his husband politely offered him delicious foods. Pundit was surprised to see the sudden change in woman’s attitude, but looking at his new clothes; he instantly came to know the reason of his exceedingly over welcome by the family. Pundit picked up the food and start feeding his clothes saying, “Eat…eat dear.” Woman surprised and asked pundit why he is doing so.
Pundit replied, “It’s my clothes who allowed me to have food not me, so I’m feeding my clothes rather myself.” Family completely embarrassed by their behavior, and deeply regretted for their behavior.

An Optimistic Donkey Story

An Optimistic DonkeySomewhere in eastern India, a man used to live with his Donkey. They supplemented each other absolutely, coz man earned his livelihood coz of Donkey, and in return; Donkey used to get nice food.
They lived in a village full of population, and these two were the main source of weight carriage from one place to other. Habitually, Donkeys are treated like dupes, but on the contrary; this Donkey was intelligent and having good personality, too. Basically, village was not that large, perhaps; it was a small village full of crowd. The only source of water there was a well, which happens to be in the far East-border of the village.
So, people used to load drinking water from a distanced place, and often they also carried a load with them. Donkey used to keep busy all the day carrying various heavy supplies.
One day, the Donkey was alone near well since his master went with his friend to pick up their common friend. Donkey decided to look into the well coz of his curiosity to find where well brings so much of water from. Doing so, Donkey leaned towards the centre too much, and suddenly fell down into the well.
Well was too deep for him to top up without any help. His master returned very soon and shocked to see him inside the well. He also tried everything to carry him out, but could not succeed coz well was too deep.
It was the hot day, and when his master and other villagers couldn’t help him out, they decided to throw some cool dust to save Donkey from hot surroundings. So, they poured a large quantity of dry mud inside the well, but surprisingly, Donkey shook off his back, and dust mixed up with the water. Similarly, villagers poured too much of dust to cover all the water of the well. Perhaps, now Donkey was also came up a little bit.
His master and villagers found a way to bring him up and pour more dry sand inside the well. At a point Donkey reached to a level where his master could easily pick his up. With his intelligence and cleverness, Donkey saved his life that was almost lost by his master and other villagers. So, this story tells us we should never leave the hope. It’s our give up that cost us our battle not our potentials. So, never stop until the last moment of your life.

An Ailing Lion Story

An Ailing Lion story Long time ago, a lion used to live in his cave inside a jungle. Since the lion had been living there for many years, he had become very old. Perhaps, he became too weak to kill anyone for his survival.
Lions are big animals, so they need food frequently. Lion, being an oldie, was not able to hunt down any animal, and so; he became very weak and thin. Lion thought his end was nearby, and he should either die being as it is, or he should follow a different approach for his hungry stomach.
So, he clicked with an idea. He thought if he pretends himself to be an ailing lion, everyone would come to him for wishing him a better health, and he can easily kill him or her and fulfill his hunger. Since, the idea was workable for him easily; he started implementing on it immediately.
He pretended himself to be a deeply ailing lion and started crying for help. Many of his neighbours  who knew him for long, came forward and asked about his health. Lion used to invite them inside his cave, and killed them one by one.
Lion could mange to continue his fake ailing drama for next couple of months, perhaps, he became much healthier and strong to find his prey himself, but he turned too lazy to do any hard work, and he planned to continue his lifestyle in a similar way where he had been getting food doing no hard work at all!
One day, a fox, who knew lion for long, was passing nearby his cave, and decided to enquire about his health. Foxes are very smart with their nose and sixth sense. Fox stand by the mouth of the cave and used her nose to predict what’s happening inside. She quickly came to know the reality by smelling dead animals inside the cave. So, she decided to remain outside the cave and asked the lion by shouting, “How are you sir?” Lion replied, “Not too well, perhaps, I’m feeling very weak. Could you come inside and help me in getting some water?”
Fox replied, “ No sir, I know what’s happening inside the cave, coz I can see all the footprints are going inside the cave, but none of them is coming outside the cave, so I believe you’re killing everyone who came inside.” Lion stunned.
Fox returned back to the jungle and warned everyone about lion’s strategy to kill his well wishers. Lion finally became the victim of his own destiny and died very soon!

Two Cats And A Monkey

Two Cats and a MonkeyLong ago, two cats were used to live in a jungle. They both were best friends to each other for long; perhaps they used to share their personal belongings with each other. They were so closed to each other that they often went on a long walk keeping their hands together to share a deep proximity between them.
Jungle was full of creatures, and lots of gatherings used to be taken place there every now and then. One day, a function was organized by Lion where he invited everyone living in the jungle, including two cats and their rival: Monkey. Everyone enjoyed their get together in lion’s party, which supposed to be the biggest bash in the jungle. With lots of fruits, sweets, and cakes, everyone enjoyed the whole night in full swing. Two cats, somehow, could not reach to the party on time, so they lost most of the good things, like nice food, fresh fruits, and lots of sweets.
Anyway, they were still satisfied with what they got there, i.e., a decent gathering of all the animals living nearby. A Monkey, the only rival of both cats, was there in the party from beginning so he enjoyed the party’s best food alongwith super chilled drinks!
Whole night passed by until 4 in the morning when all the animals started leaving lion’s home to their residences. Cats also left the place but in not so happy mood, coz of not getting what they could have there. Anyways, they both were hungry and walking to their home when they saw a piece of cake laid there. Since both of them were hungry, one of them quickly picked up the cake and kept with him. Fellow cat asked her to give the cake to him coz it was she who saw the cake first. But, soon they started fighting for the possession of the cake. It was one of the lifetime moments for them when they were fighting for something, and it was caused by the deep hunger both of them had.
Monkey, their sole rival, was passing nearby and saw both cats fighting each other. He cheered to see his rival’s fighting. He suddenly came up with an idea, and went to the cats and asked them politely, “What happened dear?” Cats told him about the cake and how they should share it.
Money told them he could share the cake equally among them if they agreed. Cats agreed, and monkey started dividing the cake into two parts. Parting into two pieces he deliberately shouted, “Oh! One is bigger,” and he ate some part of the bigger piece. He did the same with another piece, and eventually munched the whole cake leaving nothing for cats.
Cats realized their mistake and said sorry to each other.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes PerfectLong time ago, a man lived in a small town named: Kalki, he was a strong man since his childhood, but an accident made him almost paralyzed. Yet, he undergone thorough surgeries and somehow manages to recover from his stroke, but he became weak and sick for rest of his life.
Doctors advised him not to do heavy work if he wants to live longer. Since, he was once a strong man, he felt very miserable on having a changed life altogether. One day, he decided to live his life thoroughly and joined a Judo learning center to gain some body power and strength. Though, he was advised not to do these kinds of things, yet he got admitted into a Chennai based Judo school to learn Judo fighting skills. His teacher was an experienced one, and he understood his condition on first look itself. Anyways, he started his training session and asked him to practice one move continuously. Man started training teacher’s referred move, and practiced it for next several weeks.
On getting enough confidence with the move, he asked his teacher to teach him more Judo moves, but teacher again asked him to continue with the given move for some more time. Man could not understand why he has been asked to continue the same move again. Anyhow, he again practiced the move for next several months this time. Teacher used to continuously monitor him throughout his practice sessions.
One day, a local Judo competition was organized in a nearby area, and teacher asked the man to participate in the event. Man was still not confident of his win, yet on teacher’s say, he participated in the competition that was going to be started very soon.
Competition began, and man was asked to fight with his first opponent, and surprisingly, won the battle easily! Man did not believe his first win, yet celebrated his first win of the competition. Going further, man also won next few matches with his well-practiced Judo move.
He could not believe what is happening to him, and how he is continuously winning all matches. Eventually, final match was played between him and another big Judo champion who was supposed to be a well-trained and experienced Judo fighter. Final match began, and man lost the first round easily. Referee asked him to surrender coz his opponent was stronger than him. But, his teacher asked him to continue and also motivated him to win. Unpredicted to everyone, and won the match, finally! Teacher finally gave him the last lesson: “Doesn’t matter how many moves you know, the only thing that matters is how better you’ve practices them.” Now, man understood why he has been continuously asked to practice a single Judo move!

Love and Time

Love and Time

Love and Time Story
One upon a time, an island was full of feelings, i.e., all feelings were used to live there, including happiness, knowledge, joy, vanity, sadness, and love among others. They all were living there for long without any conflict of interest between them.

One day, a powerful storm was scheduled to hit the island whereby island could have sunk completely. So, it was decided to leave the island as soon as possible. All feelings started their rescue work and prepared boats for themselves, and eventually began leaving the island for some safer place, except love.

Love was the only feeling who decided to stay there until the last moment of his life. When storm hit the island, it started sinking rapidly, and a moment came when love was almost hopeless to remain alive; hence he decided to ask for help.

He called his coming by moving boat, which was very large to accommodate him, as well. The large boat belonged to Rich. Love asked rich, “Can you please take me on the boat?” Rich replied, “ No! No way, I’ve tons of gold on the boat so, there is no place for you.” And he passed off.

Then another boat came by that was occupied by vanity. Love asked vanity, “can you take me with you?” Vanity aesthetically replied,” No! You’re not aesthetic, so you’ll spread lots of grime on the boat,” and he also passed by. Love felt terribly bleak for his life, yet he kept asking every passing boat for help, but no body incited to help him for various reasons.

Then, love saw some senior feelings were passing by, and he again asked all of them if any of them could help him for the sake of his life, and fortunately, one of the boats picked him up and love survived.

Once they reached on a safer place, love decided to find out who, actually, saved his life, and his closed boat’s owner: knowledge, replied to him, “Time saved you, coz he is the only one who could understand the importance of love in life.” Love highly obliged and happily lived after with time.

The story tells us a valuable lesson of life that no one can understand how worthy love is in our life. Only time can tell us what we were missing in our moneyed days of life. So, be a lovely person – always!

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