Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lesson A

Lesson B
123 ...


Unit 1


Lesson 1
Am/is/are + what/who?

Lesson 2
Introductions, greetings and farewells

Lesson 3
People and places + where?

Lesson 4
The alphabet + names

Lesson 5
Numbers 1 - 10


Unit 2


Lesson 6
More about people + titles

Lesson 7
Present continuous - positive "I am doing."

Lesson 8
Present continuous - negative "I'm not doing."

Lesson 9
Present continuous - questions "Am I doing?"

Lesson 10


Unit 3


Lesson 11
Present simple - positive "I do."

Lesson 12
Present simple - negative "I don't."

Lesson 13
Present simple - questions "Do I?"

Lesson 14
Present simple vs. present continuous

Lesson 15
More numbers 10- 20


Unit 4


Lesson 16
Time 1 - On the hour

Lesson 17
Time 2 - Quarter past, half past, quarter to etc...

Lesson 18
Time 3 - Telling the time to the minute.

Lesson 19
Days of the week

Lesson 20
Even more numbers 21 - 1000


Unit 5


Lesson 21
Months of the year

Lesson 22
Ordinal numbers

Lesson 23
The seasons

Lesson 24
Appearances 1 - height, build etc... + to have

Lesson 25
Appearances 2 - facial features


Unit 6


Lesson 26
Adjectives for people and places

Lesson 27
Possessive adjectives

Lesson 28
Today, yesterday, tomorrow

Lesson 29
Simple past - positive - "I did."

Lesson 30
Simple past - negative - "I didn't."


Unit 7


Lesson 31
Simple past - questions - "Did I? "

Lesson 32
Offering, Accepting and Refusing

Lesson 33
Likes and Dislikes

Lesson 34
Ordering in a cafe

Lesson 35
Paying in a cafe


Unit 8


Lesson 36
How much ...? vs How many ...?

Lesson 37
Turning Uncountable Nouns into Countable Nouns.

Lesson 38
Much vs Many

Lesson 39
The future using will or shall

Lesson 40
The future using the present continuous and 'going to'


Unit 9


Lesson 41
Trains and boats and planes.

Lesson 42
Getting to know you.

Lesson 43

Lesson 44

Lesson 45


Unit 10


Lesson 46
Directions # 2

Lesson 47
Can / Could /
Be able to

Lesson 48
Present Perfect Simple positive.

Lesson 49
Present Perfect Simple negative.

Lesson 50
Present Perfect Simple questions.


Unit 11


Lesson 51
Should / Shouldn't

Lesson 52
Prepositions # 1

Lesson 53
Prepositions # 2

Lesson 54
Prepositions # 3


Let's move it up a notch!




Lesson 55
Food and Making Arrangements

Lesson 56
Beginning / Ending / Delays




English Pronunciation

The Letter A
English Pronunciation

Irregular Verbs

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    1.What's in the boxes
    2. He Sells Purses 
    3. She Goes to Bed 
    4. A Letter from Europe 
    5. She Models Expensive Clothes 
    6. She Burps the Baby 
    7. His School Secret 
    8. He Skates on the Pond 
    9. A Sharp Pocketknife 
    10. He Goes to the Lake 
    11. He Is a Bus Driver 
    12. He Buys Ballpoint Pens 
    13. His Imaginary Friend 
    14. She Gets Ready for the Beach 
    15. She Finds the Remote 
    16. She Gets Health Insurance 
    17. He Goes to the Bridge 
    18. He Checks Off Each Item 
    19. She Rubs Her Foot 
    20. He Climbs Tall Buildings 
    21. Her Sweet Boyfriend 
    22. She Goes to the Pool 
    23. She Takes the Elevator Up 
    24. Bubblegum on His Face 
    25. He Eats Green Watermelons 
    26. He Thinks About Bad Things 
    27. She Likes the House 
    28. The Blimp in the Sky 
    29. Her Electric Wheelchair 
    30. He Gets Dressed 
    31. He Takes the Elevator 
    32. He Takes a Shower 
    33. A Brown Spider 
    34. Many People Enjoy the Park 
    35. One Banana Is Just Right 
    36. He Takes the DMV Test 
    37. A New Bulb in the Bathroom 
    38. He Sits on the Steps 
    39. He Shoots the Basketball 
    40. Fish in the Aquarium 
    41. She Delivers the Mail 
    42. She Buys Lottery Tickets 
    43. He Works in a Bank 
    44. Shoppers Buy Christmas Gifts 
    45. She Makes the Bed 
    46. He Waters the Plant 
    47. Rake Leaves in the Fall 
    48. A Good Book for a Rainy Day 
    49. She Makes Coffee 
    50. She Sells Mangoes 
    51. She Buys a New Dress 
    52. Take out the Trash 
    53. A Yellow Leaf 
    54. She Gets a New Tattoo 
    55. He Flies into a Building 
    56. She Has Happy Thoughts 
    57. They Run up the Stairs 
    58. They Decide To Marry 
    59. The Sand and the Waves 
    60. She Plays the Piano 
    61. Dishes in the Sink 
    62. She Sweeps the Floor 
    63. Wedding Purchases 
    64. He Waits for the Bus 
    65. She Goes to the Dentist 
    66. A Laptop and a Movie 
    67. He Reads the Paper 
    68. Police Look for Terrorists 
    69. He Studies Too Late 
    70. The Cop Chases Him 
    71. A Good Golf Shot 
    72. She Is a Hard Worker 
    73. The Batter Takes a Swing 
    74. His New Laptop 
    75. A Hamburger and Fries 
    76. She Fixes Her New Shirt 
    77. She Washes the Clothes 
    78. A Butterfinger Candy Bar 
    79. He Vacuums the Carpet 
    80. She Goes to Lunch 
    81. She Plays Golf 
    82. He Buys Some Milk 
    83. He Is a Vampire 
    84. A Busy Museum 
    85. She Scrubs the Sink 
    86. Her Office Is Cold 
    87. Fourth of July in the U.S.A. 
    88. He Pays the Electric Bill 
    89. She Has Brain Surgery 
    90. He Takes a Shower 
    91. People Buy Lottery Tickets 
    92. He Fills Out a Form 
    93. A Brand New Honda 
    94. She Makes a Salad 
    95. He Has Bad Breath 
    96. The Busy Ant 
    97. He Is a Policeman 
    98. The City Tour Bus 
    99. Superman Is the Greatest 
    100. She Catches the Train 

    Monday, August 5, 2013


    1.RED Ball on the Floor 
    2. Warm Air and a Sandwich 
    3. He Gets Dressed, Sees His Friend 
    4. Noisy Animals, Quiet Animals 
    5. They Play Catch 
    6. Cookie on the Floor 
    7. A Cat and a Dog 
    8. Hungry for Hot Dogs 
    9. Her Book and Her Cats 
    10. Kids and Their Teacher 
    11. Parents Save Babies from Fire 
    12. A Young Girl Knows How 
    13. A Baby Goes to Sleep 
    14. He Eats a Candy Bar 
    15. A Backpack and a Bus 
    16. An Airplane in the Sky 
    17. Let's Go to Disneyland 
    18. His First Roller Coaster Ride 
    19. Birthday Cake and Candles 
    20. A Boat in the Tub 
    21. Her Doll Is Like Her 
    22. A Fork, Spoon, Plate, and Carrot 
    23. She Sees a Worm 
    24. He Talks to Mom 
    25. Car in a Car Wash 
    26. Monkeys at the Zoo 
    27. He Is a Chocolate Lover 
    28. The Circus Is in Town 
    29. Is There Life on the Moon? 
    30. A Penny Collector 
    31. Red Trees and Red Cats 
    32. Comics in the Newspaper 
    33. Bright Stars in the Night Sky 
    34. A Water Fountain in the Park 
    35. She Feeds Her Cats 
    36. He Builds a Snowman 
    37. She Swims Every Day 
    38. She Rides Her Skateboard 
    39. He Gets a Weekly Allowance 
    40. She Plays Basketball 
    41. Everyone Loves Babies 
    42. He Rides an Old Bicycle 
    43. Ants in the Kitchen 
    44. A Popsicle House 
    45. A Boxer Dog Named Duke 
    46. Two Boys and a Baseball 
    47. The Snow Melts on the Ground 
    48. An Orange and Black Butterfly 
    49. Camping in the Woods 
    50. Ride a Carousel Horse 
    51. A One-Mile Race 
    52. Good Soldiers, Bad Soldiers 
    53. A Mirror at Dance School 
    54. A Job on the Farm 
    55. Dress Up Like Her Mom 
    56. Fire Truck Saves House 
    57. Polar Bears Need Help 
    58. He Fishes with His Dad 
    59. A Soccer Goalie 
    60. A Soft, Wet Frog 
    61. A Turtle Has Its Own Home 
    62. A Doll for Her Birthday 
    63. The Tree and the Clouds 
    64. Grandma and Grandpa Are Nice 
    65. They Play Monopoly for Fun 
    66. She Does Many Things After School 
    67. He Has NY Caps 
    68. She Practices Flips for the Olympics 
    69. Hide and Seek 
    70. Watch the Magician Closely 
    71. A Pony Ride in a Corral 
    72. Puddles Are Fun 
    73. Ride on the School Bus 
    74. She Does Her Homework 
    75. A Math Problem 
    76. A Noise in the Night 
    77. A Stick and a Dog 
    78. The Pizza Is Hot 
    79. A Farm Puzzle 
    80. The Playground in the Park 
    81. The Tree Climber. title 
    82. Read a Book in Bed 
    83. Many Fish in the Ocean 
    84. Her Baby Brother 
    85. A 3D Movie 
    86. Peel and Eat an Orange 
    87. She Has Dreams at Night 
    88. The Teacher Yells at Him 
    89. Mom Is Sick in Bed1. title 
    90. The School Bully 
    91. School Is Out for Summer 
    92. Tell Kids a Good Story 
    93. He Rides His Bike 
    94. They Call Him Four Eyes 
    95. Hot Day, Cool Pool 
    96. A Book and a Phone 
    97. Where's the Itch? 
    98. Her New Blue Dress 
    99. He Takes Care of His Cold 
    100. The Alarm Wakes Him Up 

    Hello dear students,
    Welcome to Dhilip english corner